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Flood Prone

OPEN (O): Breakage point where a recent (< 1 year) flood originated is still open, and has no signs of intervention/rehabilitation on the latest analyzed images.

OVERFLOWS (Of): Portion of the river embankment where water overflows have recently occurred (< 1 year). Overflows generally take place along shallow portions of the embankments, which could be submerged for several hundred meters during the flood.

POTENTIAL (P): A point along the embankment where there is potential for flooding to occur. Clear indicators of flood potentiality, such as recent vegetation removal, embankment erosion, closed with sand bags, water spillage or other signs representing a potential embankment weakness have been identified. These indications are supported by DTM analysis, multi-temporal analysis and/or direct field observations.

Closed (C): Breakage point where an old (>2 years) flood originated and that has been fixed using either heavy machinery or sandbags. No flooding has been detected recently, so this point may be considered CLOSED as the situation is stable. Interventions by heavy machinery are permanent, while those by sandbags are temporal, subject to new floods.